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My name is Andrey Andreev and I`m the youngest breeder in Bulgaria . I live in Plovdiv  .  I`m happy that i have the chance to know some of the best kennels around the world and to learn from the best .

When i get my first Pomeranian my breath was taken and i knowed then that this will be my breed .We had very succsesfull first year with my dogs in the pomeranian world and we can`t wait for more experience...


Skin and Coat Care :

Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ in your body . . . and that it is the biggest organ in your dog's body too? You know, of course, that you can excrete bodily fluids through your skin (perspiration, which incidentally helps to rid your body of toxins . . . that's one of the reasons why saunas are so great and so highly recommended). Equally important to understand is that your body absorbs whatever is applied to its skin, all the more so when when warm water is applied to skin at the same time since the warm water opens the pores of the skin, and thereby makes the skin/body more receptive to the absorption of whatever harmful ingredients are applied to the skin.

Most skin products, including pet shampoos and rinses, contain any number of ingredients that are toxic and even cancer-causing to your dog. And these toxic ingredients find their way into your dogs system every time you bath them. The range of chemicals and toxins in these products can be quite large . . . you'd be amazed.

For that we use only the best natural products on our dogs - Starfire’s Canine Care Line !

The products are manufactured in the U.S . It use the highest quality ingredients. Designed these products to be combined and used according to our animals needs. This line has the Highest Performing Formulas in the Canine Hair Care Industry. The nutrient infuser concept restores essential proteins, moisture and minerals to the coat. These potent power boosters allow you to customize your service based upon your animal’s coat type and condition. They should be used together to create a high-tech delivery system that transports curative actives deep into the coat’s cortex. The Starfire’s Canine Care Line of shampoos, conditioners, intensive hydrators, sprays and volumizers are PH balanced so they don’t irritate the sensitive skin of your future Best In Show Winners.

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